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Last 29th and 30th September, Circontrol held the first large meeting with its partners after 5 years: the eConference Expert Meeting 2022. The event was the first occasion after the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic for important electromobility actors from around the world to meet physically in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at its facilities in Viladecavalls, in order to network and learn.


The eConference Expert Meeting 2022 was divided into two days. During the first day, attendees were introduced to the latest developments and improvements of the manufacturer of EV charging and efficient parking solutions, while visiting the different parts of the facilities at its headquarters. After a relaxed lunch at the terrace, the “experts” headed to the Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) in Terrassa. There they were able to continue attending talks by some of the most important players in electromobility in Spain, such as Redha Zetchi, representative of Barcelona Serveis Municipals (BSM), and Arturo Pérez de Lucía, Vice-president of the european electric mobility association AVERE, in an environment strongly related with the city’s industrial heritage. To conclude, the attendees enjoyed another occasion for relaxation and informal relations with a dinner in a privileged emplacement within the museum grounds.


Lunch at Circontrol terrace

Lunch at Circontrol terrace


On 30 September, the “experts” returned to the facilities of the Viladecavalls manufacturer to focus on the most technical part of the two-day conference. Divided into different areas, the groups were able to observe how some of the most specialised processes for testing Circontrol’s electric vehicle charging devices are carried out. Among them were interoperability tests between car and charger, endurance tests in its climatic chamber or a sample of the electric and autonomous competition vehicle of the UPC EcoRacing project, linked to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), with which Circontrol collaborates. As a final touch, the attendees to the eConference Expert Meeting 2022 ended their seminar with a guided visit to Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s stadium, where they could enjoy a relaxed contrast for a highly profitable conference.

EcoRacing car at Circontrol's facilities

EcoRacing car at Circontrol’s facilities

The General Manager of Circontrol, Joan Hinojo, thanked the attendees for their involvement in the conference and emphasized the value of its partnership. “We like to be committed to our customers; we have a passion for innovation and sustainability”, he declared while emphasizing the strength of the Circontrol brand: “we have a clear vision and strength: we have been manufacturing not only products but also a know-how for 15 years; we are a family business with a recognised brand, and we provide solutions for all electric vehicle charging needs; and we have done all this by reinvesting our profits in the product and focusing on research and development”, he emphasised. A commitment that for the CEO allows, in short, a “very good position” of the charging solutions manufacturer: “although the predictions may not be good at times, we are in a huge market and we will grow at its pace; in addition, we have the most complete combination between the range of products and electric vehicle charging solutions, and that gives us peace of mind to move forward,” congratulated Hinojo.


The end of the seminar at FC Barcelona Stadium

The end of the seminar at FC Barcelona Stadium

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