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From the 20th to the 22nd September will take place in Rotterdam the 18th European Parking Association’s Congress and Exhibition, the leading event related to parking in Europe where visitors and exhibitors will share knowledge and proposals around the future of parking. Last edition it gathered 500 delegates from 32 countries and this year revolves around the slogan “Parking in the City Lounge” which is the inner city where citizens park once while they realize many activities such as go shopping, do leisure or eat in a restaurant so consequently vehicles are parked many hours per day.
In its first participation as an exhibitor Circontrol will present its integral concept of Efficient Parking which includes LedPark, an efficient Led lighting system for car parks; the iPark an intelligent parking guidance system and EVPark, an EV charging solution for indoor and outdoor parking facilities. The EVPark is precisely the stressed proposal for the EPA Congress due to a new European directive which establishes that in the following years all non-residential buildings with car parks with more than 10 parking spaces subject to major renovations will be obligated to reserve one of each ten parking bays for EV charging. Thus, in this changing scenario, EVPark involves many benefits for both owners and customers. For the former, having a car park prepared for charging EV increases the loyalty of its customers as well as the prestige of parking, not forgetting that the presence of EV chargers represents a new source of income for them. In addition, EVPark includes DLM load management system that ensures that only the available power of the installation is used, maximizing its efficiency and avoiding the high cost of its power upgrading. At the same time, the possibility of charging their EV in a car park while carrying out other activities such as shopping or working increases the satisfaction of users.
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