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Circontrol charging equipments have worked in full capacity in international events to promote electric vehicles

Increasingly more events are organized to promote electric vehicles, both international and locally. Examples are the Paris Motor Show and the Catalan Electric Tour, two events that aim to give voice to this innovative product.
Circontrol has been present in the Paris Motor Show that took place from 1 to 16 October. During the fair, a Circontrol quick charger, installed by Proxiserve, has been operating continuously at the Hyundai booth where the new model Hyundai electric vehicle was presented. The visitors were able to test the vehicle driving through Paris.

Circontrol’s charger was operating constantly, always at full power, without interruptions or incidents of any kind, demonstrating once again the effectiveness and potential of this innovative market.

This exhibition is one of the most prestigious automotive events in Europe. It opens doors biennially, alternating with the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The 2016 edition took place at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in the French capital. Hence the manufacturers show their latest models and new prototypes, this year more than one hundred new European models and from all around the world. Some of the exhibitors are: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Jeep, KIA among many.

Circontrol charging equipments have worked in full capacity in international events to promote electric vehicles

Previously Circontrol also participated in the “Catalan Electric Tour” held on Saturday 1st and Sunday October 2nd, 2016. This event aims to promote the electric vehicle as an alternative to combustion vehicle, showing its advantages and peculiarities in their driving and maintenance. Saturday, plus the output of the march, has held an exhibition of various models of electric vehicles participating in the tour.

On the occasion of this event a total of 15 electric vehicles, including brands like Tesla, Renault Zoe and Leaf were loaded at Circontrol facilities. Refills were successful and made in record time. They were also loads carried out simultaneously AC Trio (Zoe) and DC (Tesla) without any problem and Zoe models and 22kW Three-phase Tesla Urban and Smart.
And finally a couple of Zoe models were simultaneously recharged with energy from a solar pergola.

Definitely, the Tour has shown that electric vehicles, despite their lack of autonomy, can reach great distances in a short period of time (700 km in 2 days). They managed to eliminate limits on its use and finally become a credible alternative to fuel vehicles.

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