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The EVS35 will meet political and corporative actors of the highest importance at Norway’s capital, and it will help to measure the status quo of electromobility worldwide as well as to determine its main strategic outlines  for the years to come


The leader manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, Circontrol, will have an outstanding role at the organisation of the next EVS35, the most important worldwide congress about electric mobility. The meeting is going to be held from 11 to 15 June in Oslo, Norway, and will mean the main meeting point of the most relevant in the field of sustainable and electric mobility at global level.


Specifically, as a member of the EVS35 advisory committee, Circontrol will develop several campaigns and actions to contribute with the promotion and the organization of the event in many aspects. The global congress is held by the European association for electromobility AVERE, of which Circontrol is a member, and it has as its main goal to promote electromobility and its implementation among the general population in the whole Europe.


As Circontrol’s General Manager Joan Hinojo highlights, “the EVS35 congress is the worldwide spotlight for electric mobility, a media stage where manufacturers, distributors and administrations gather together to debate about how to fight against climate change through public and private transport”. In this sense, Hinojo states that “Circontrol can’t be a mere participant of the congress, but rather we are happy and proud to help with the advocacy of this celebration and the promotion of the electromobility from around the globe, as members of the advisory committee”.


Beyond Circontrol’s cooperation with the advertisement of the congress, the Spanish manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions will have yet another relevant role in the event, since it will be among the exhibitors of the EVS35 parallel exposition. In this exhibition, several other companies from around the globe related with electric mobility will show their proposals, and Circontrol will present some of their best EV charging solutions: from award-winning electric vehicle home chargers, like its Wallbox eNext, to ultra-fast public chargers, such as their new Raption 150 Compact.

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