Wallbox eNext

The perfect EV charger for your needs


Designed to be installed (both indoors and outdoors) at private homes, communal blocks, workplaces and car parks.

Concept Design

eNext has been designed to simplify the charging process. We developed an autorization method via app that allows the user to start charging without any interaction with the charger.

In terms of the exterior design, we kept black and white as the core design colours while introducing curved lines and rounded shapes. The appropriate proportions and the perfect size, along with the piano black combined with matt white makes the eNext series the best choice to match any wall.

The wallbox eNext is compatible with Home BeON.

Expand your features, upgrade your series.



App charge authorization

6mA leakage detector

HOME BeOn compatible

eNext Park

 LCD Display

MID Energy Meter


OCPP 1.5 / 1.6

RFID Reader

eNext Elite

Colour display

MID Energy Meter

4G / Wi-Fi

OCPP 1.6 (2.0 ready)

RFID reader

6mA leakage detector

HOME BeOn compatible

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