Charging equipments manufactured by Circontrol in Cumbria’s county plan to boost electric vehicle

Charging equipments manufactured by Circontrol in Cumbria’s county plan to boost electric vehicle

Circontrol’s charging equipments installed in Cumbria allow charge your vehicle in 30 minutes

Nine locations in the English county of Cumbria have quick charging stations for electric vehicles manufactured by Circontrol. Charging equipments are 50kW quick chargers that allow charging the vehicle in 30 minutes and also 7kW charging stations have been installed.

These charging stations will be a part of the first public access network for electric vehicle charging in Cumbria. The installation process included three stages: firstly, civil works to ensure that charging stations are installed in the right spot; secondly, the proper installation of charging stations; and finally their connection to a management and monitor system.

This new charging equipment network represents a boost for electric vehicle in the area.

Circontrol’s charging equipments in a video

You can see a video of these new EV charging network.

About Circontrol

It is a manufacturer company leader in its sector; with over 20.000 Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations all over the world and more than 450 Car Parks managed by its own Green Parking Platform. If you need more information, go on Circontrol’website.

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