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Almost 400 people gathered together on a festive day

Circontrol’s 20 Anniversary celebration was held in company’s headquarters last Sunday 22nd October. This was a festive day for the employees and their families where they could know the company better and enjoy a day full of leisure activities for all ages attended by almost 400 people.

During all morning there were guided tours of the installations so the families could know better the company and its activity and the assistants could try electric cars and bicycles. There were also activities for the young ones who could drive an electric kart or enjoy a circus performance. The party ended with paella and birthday cake for everyone.

Circontrol designs and manufactures charging stations for Electric Vehicles and efficient parking solutions, two fields that have experienced a great growth during the last years. That’s why Circontrol has increased its number of workers reaching 120 and has expanded its facilities that consist of two buildings with 3.000 m2 each. Ramon Comellas, Circontrol’s president and founder, remark the importance of celebration events like the one that took place last Sunday to increase sense of belonging to a company that has experienced such important changes. Joan Hinojo, Circontrol’s General Manager, also highlighted the fact that the company works in a rising sector, a fact that predicts a promising future.

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