Why choosing EV charging stations manufactured in Europe?

Why choosing EV charging stations manufactured in Europe?

All Circontrol’s charging stations have been designed and manufactured in our plant in the north of Barcelona.

Besides of our ecologic and socially responsible values, choosing Circontrol guarantees the excellence in our EV charging solutions. Today we list you the reasons to choose an EV charging station manufactured in Europe.

  • Made in Europe: quality guarantee

As it happens with most of the daily products, the electric vehicle chargers manufactured in Europe mean a quality assurance since they are regulated through strict regulations that ensure the performance of their components and the reliability of the manufacturing process. Choosing an EV charging post manufactured in Europe means reassuring the quality, and therefore the durability of the installation.

Even if the price can be higher to the EV chargers made in Asia, the robustness, reliability and general quality of the charging stations with European manufacturing certification turn them in a more durable investment, and often much more cost-effective. This reasoning is applied on most of the globalised industries, and the purchase of an EV charging station is not an exception.

But the look for excellence that guides all Circontrol’s designing and manufacturing processes does not stop at the compliance of the European regulations. In fact, we design and test all our solutions in the most extreme conditions in order to guarantee a proper performance in every situation.


  • A liable commitment

Changing to electric mobility is an act of responsibility with the planet, and it also is to favour the proximity manufacturing. Actually, while it’s true we must import some exotic components from other parts of the world, most of them are produced in Europe (almost all of them in Catalonia, Spain), and then are assembled in our plant in Barcelona.

This choice of made in Europe components and chargers reduces the CO2 and fine particles emission, as well as other environmental impacts involved in the purchase of the EV charging devices.


  • Reduced delivery timescales

Following this matter, buying in Europe allows also to reduce supply and delivery timescales. Circontrol is currently one of the leader manufacturers in this issue since the European manufacturing and our logistics in Spain have allowed us to remain less affected by the electronic components shortage than other players in the industry.


  • European services

After the purchase of an EV charger, you or your installer can benefit from the assistance of a specific support team through the installation and performance phases of any charging solution. In order to ensure this, Circontrol provides an aftersales expert support team for its partners that can help them in the main European languages.

This point means the final reason to buy a Europe based company to acquire your products, and benefit from the service possibilities to enjoy your EV charging solution easily and reliably.

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