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  • Voltway will offer charging infrastructure in Mexico and its surrounding area, providing a comprehensive service and one of the most complete catalogues on the market.

  • The new company has the potential to become the market leader and benchmark in Mexico and all of Latin America.

  • Circontrol and Xignux are combining their electric and energy mobility knowledge and experience to implement electric mobility in Mexico.

Circontrol is joining forces with the Mexican company Xignux in order to implement electric mobility in Mexico and Latin America as a whole. This partnership has given rise to Voltway, a company that will focus on offering a comprehensive charging point service for electric vehicles, including the installation of the equipment and its maintenance.

Through Voltway, Circontrol and Xignux will develop a powerful network of charging infrastructure in Mexico in all its different forms. Today there are currently 1,500 charging points in Mexico, of which 70% are public and 30% are private. Voltway will offer charging points and stations for public roads, as well as for homes, offices, shopping centres, fleets of buses and delivery vehicles, and more.

“Circontrol is a company with a presence worldwide that, since its very beginnings, has developed major knowledge and many solutions in relation to electric mobility”, explains Juan Pallisé, Voltway’s business director. He adds that “for its part, Xignux has a profound understanding of energy matters in Mexico, with electrical installations and the manufacturing of electrical conductors”.

“The synergy between Circontrol and Xignux is extraordinary. The expertise and knowledge of both companies means that Voltway has enormous future potential to become a leading company and benchmark in the new electric mobility, not only in Mexico, but it Latin America as a whole”, says Juan Pallisé.

Voltway has one of the most complete catalogues on the market for electric vehicle charging solutions, and it also offers solutions to infrastructure problems. Voltway covers both the installation of the charging equipment and the maintenance of the charging point.

Electric mobility is one of the main areas that countries around the world have committed to adopting in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby partially decarbonise their economies. “Electric mobility is incomparable, due to its significant energy, economic and environmental advantages. We are facing a paradigm shift in mobility, which will mean that this market will continue to grow on a large scale”, says Pallisé.

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