“The renewed Raption Series represents a great step forward”

“The renewed Raption Series represents a great step forward”

Last month, Mobility Portal published an article where our Chief Product Officer (CPO), Aleix Massana, exposed about the evolution of Circontrol’s Raption Series. In the article, Massana described the renewed Raption Series as a significant step forward, highlighting our commitment to continuous improvement in the electric vehicle charging sector. We let here a sum up of the main topics of the interview:

As a company with extended experience in manufacturing EV chargers, our strategy at Circontrol is to preserve classic brands while simultaneously evolving our products and technology. This balance allows us to maintain our identity while staying responsive to new market needs and technologies. As Massana states in the article, “We want to preserve the brands that are classics in the market because they are part of our identity. But this does not mean that we do not have to evolve the product and technology.”

A key enhancement we’ve made to the Raption Series, as outlined in the Mobility Portal article, is the increase in power of our chargers. Massana explains, “Our 50-kilowatt Raption has become 80 kilowatts, with two simultaneous sockets of 40 each.” This allows each device to charge two electric vehicles simultaneously, a feature that makes it particularly suitable for opportunity charging. Moreover, the Raption Compact 80 can charge at 80 kW when charging on single vehicle enabling to be on the road again in just half an hour.

The article also highlights the modifications we’ve introduced to the Raption series, including Raption Compact 80, 160 and 240, to enhance user experience. These include a more durable and larger touchscreen, a lighter cable system, and holders installed to keep the charging connectors at a 90-degree angle. We’ve also altered the layout of the screen and holders to make them accessible for people with reduced mobility.

In response to new regulations in several countries that require charging to be measured in direct current (DC) exclusively, we’ve incorporated a DC meter in all our chargers. This change anticipates trends we’ve observed in Germany and France and expect to see in Spain, the UK, and Italy.

Finally, the article underscores the robustness, resistance, and stability of the Raption Series. “The chargers went from being used in a testimonial way, to charging one car per day, to charging four vehicles per hour,” Massana says. This level of usage needed design modifications to ensure that our chargers can withstand increased stress and can be easily maintained.

In summary, as highlighted in the Mobility Portal article, our focus at Circontrol is on evolving our solutions and products to meet the sector’s new needs and technologies, all while maintaining the classic identity that sets us apart.

You can read the article here

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