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If a few years ago some were still hesitant at the idea of going on vacation with their electric car, the constant improvement of vehicle models as well as the evolution of the charging network now leave little room for doubt: you can use your vehicle on long journeys with complete peace of mind!

However, it is important to take a few steps before getting behind the wheel.

1.Be prepared!

Planning your route is essential, if only to identify the charging stations on your route. For this, many journey planning applications are at your disposal. In addition to Google Maps and Waze, which are already in the vehicle of all motorists, specific apps such as ChargeMap or ABRP, which list 450,000 charging stations across Europe.

Some manufacturers also offer their own application.

2. Identify your needs

Along your route you will find many charging stations but they do not provide exactly the same service. What are you looking for?

Locate all available fast chargers along your route. Check the providers connected to your payment badge or to the mobile application from your mobility operator. Make sure you know how your vehicle operates, particularly the charging speed (in DC / AC), the capacity of your battery as well as the parameters necessary for saving battery consumption (weight, climate , driving style, etc.).

Route planning applications bring relevance to your searches: in particular to identify free charging stations, the best rated charging stations, specific types of connectors, accessibility options depending on your subscription, for example.

3. Take breaks every two hours

Safety rules must be followed at all times and vigilance must be maximum during the summer. The roads are busier than usual.

Breaks every two hours are not only beneficial for the driver and passengers, but also for your vehicle. The short breaks you take are enough to recharge the battery for the rest of your trip.

Although travelling with your electric vehicle requires some preparation, it is now quite possible to make long journeys with complete peace of mind.

To do this, all you have to do is anticipate your trip, know your vehicle and be vigilant about break times.

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