eHome 5

Up to 22 kW of power to charge 130 km in 1 hour.

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user friendly


A convenient app to authenticate, manage the charge, and monitor the home’s consumption.

eHome 5


Up to three modes: Charge with 100% solar energy, with a combination of grid and PV or at the maximum available power.

eHome 5


Dynamic adjustment of the energy demand when charging to prevent blackouts and save money.

eHome 5


Easy integration to Cosmos, our cloud-based platform, or any other back-office through OCPP.

eHome 5


Integrated DC leakage and Welded contact detection for safer charging and a cost-effective installation.

Perfect for charging at home.

The eHome range has been designed for electric vehicle charging at home. This EV wall charger series combines great durability, an attractive and compact design, and ease of use and installation.

The most convenient solution for charging at home using solar energy.

eHome 5

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