More than a hundred experts discover Circontrol charging solutions to face the growing importance of EV market

More than a hundred experts discover Circontrol charging solutions to face the growing importance of EV market

A new edition of eMobility Expert Meeting brought together partners from 38 countries during two days to present them to the renewed product range based on innovation, design and adaptability to every market need.

The rising importance of EVs outlines a new scenario with new challenges for the charging sector due to the need of decreasing the charging time while applications and EV batteries needs increase in parallel. Besides, smart cities demand innovative and stylish products to provide charging solutions in different contexts such as workplaces, public facilities, shopping centres or private homes, among many others. To face this challenging future, which is becoming a reality in many countries where EVs have already a significant presence, such as Norway where the number of EVs sold is higher than the oil vehicles, Circontrol has renewed its product range taking into account innovation, design and adaptability to every market need, without forgetting high performance and great uptime. From 20th to 22nd september, a hundred of partners travelled to Barcelona to discover them.

A meeting to update partners and listen to their needs

The new edition of this periodical event presented many novelties for attendees such as the launch of Raption 50, Circontrol’s quickest DC charger with modular technology that is able to complete an 80% charge in 30 minutes. Therefore, the eMobilty Expert Meeting main objective was to update partners’ information about Circontrol and its products but also to listen to their needs and petitions to develop new charging solutions and offer them an even better service. All in all, the meeting was a great opportunity for both, partners and Circontrol staff, to explore opportunities and to identify catalyzers for a successful EVSE business.

More than a hundred experts discover Circontrol charging solutions to face the growing importance of EV market

All solutions in one manufacturer

The first morning of the meeting was mainly dedicated to review Circontrol wide catalogue of EV charging products, as it is one of the few manufacturers to provide solutions for both slow charging (AC) and fast charging (DC). The seminar began with a review of the whole range of WallBox, starting with the domestic charger eHome and the intelligent sensor BeON. Later it was the time to talk about posts. The new eVolve range was highly valued by partners, as it has been designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports, petrol stations…) and private ones (companies, community car park sites…) and presents a smart design with modern lines although it has a robust structure that provides protection to both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions.

After the AC products came the turn to Quick Charge. In this block, the indisputable protagonist was the Raption 50, the quickest and newest product of Circontrol conceived to address the main problems identified by operators when fast charging. As it happens with Raption 22, the serie is based on state-of-the-art modular power technology, ensuring a very high uptime since in case of power module failure, the rest of modules continue charging. Again, the combination of design, high speed, user-friendliness and great uptime was a winning point.

“Service is an investment and a key factor”

After a headquarters visit where the attendees assisted to several demonstrations and could check personally the chargers attributes, the program continued with ‘Technical Service News’. For Joan Hinojo, Circontrol General Manager, service is one of the company truths and main strengths as the SAT team realize many efforts to turn the partners into local experts. Their job is to resolve any doubt or incident but also to train and provide them with new tools, like the new DC tester, to minimalize technical problems.

Innovative products for innovative projects

Thanks to its comprehensive EV charging solution, the partners of Circontrol are diverse and focused on different market segments. Many of them carry out eMobility projects in their countries. Circontrol technology makes them real so the R&D department continuously develops new products and applications. In fact, each year Circontrol invests a 6% of its annual invoicing in research and development of new products to satisfy them.

In this edition, the team of Circontrol took the opportunity to highlight some of the projects of the partners and dedicated half of the second day to know in detail four good practices related to public charge, Parking, DC Fleet and AC Fleet.

Circontrol Awards to outstanding projects

For the first time Circontrol wanted to recognise the most outstanding eMobility projects among its partners:

EV Charging in AC Fleet
La Poste

EV Charging in Car Parks
Vulkan Parking

EV Charging in DC Fleet

EV Public Charge
Ambitious project to become the main operator in UA

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