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EVPark is Circontrol’s solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging in indoor and outdoor parking facilities.

Charging in indoor and

outdoor parking facilities

Electric vehicle chargers

EVPark offers a wide range of EV chargers; wall/ground mount, slow/quick charging, and single/double socket. For indoor/outdoor facilities.


To ensure a friendly operation of the chargers by the users and a profitable business model for the parking operator, EVPark solutions use OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), widely extended in the Electro-Mobility business.


The Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system can be integrated with CirPark Platform, offering the most complete solution currently available on the market. DLM system ensures that only the available power of the installation is used, thus maximising its efficiency and avoiding the high cost of its power upgrading.

Charge Point integrated with PMS

A complete procedured solution provided to Parking Management Systems manufacturers to integrate EV Charge Points into their own payment system.


Ticketless payment system allows the user to charge an electric vehicle without the need to print any ticket. The reading and recognition of the license plate using the FYC system will be enough to allow charging the vehicle automatically.


Owner Benefits

  • Customer loyalty and car park reputation.

  • New source of income.

  • Maximisation of the available power.
  • Integration with CirPark platform.

  • Encouraging EV adoption, which results in energy savings on fumes extraction.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexibility on charging location selection.

  • Increase of driving range.

  • More efficient use of time 
    (e.g. charging while shopping).

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