The ‘eConference: eMobility Expert Meeting’ will take place online on 17 September with free registration. The event will focus on the opportunities offered by electromobility in the COVID-19 era as well as different examples of the sector’s success in strategic fields such as car dealerships, service stations and car parks.

Circontrol will gather the main Spanish and European experts from the mobility and electromobility sectors in the online eMobility Expert Meeting eConference on 17 September. The eConference will focus on the different issues currently facing the sector during the COVID-19 crisis and Circontrol’s transition in recent times from a manufacturer to a supplier of charging solutions.

“The automotive industry plays a strategic role in Europe and is experiencing severe economic stress; the transition to clean transport offers many opportunities to this sector and is a good way of stimulating the economy. France, Germany and Spain are already incentivising electromobility through grants for purchasing EVs and the installation of charging points. Every crisis is an opportunity”, explains the company’s CEO Joan Hinojo. Circontrol is highly aware of the importance of these two sectors in the economy and in the energy transition, which is why it has recreated the annual on-site event with the eMobility Expert Meeting eConference, a free virtual event adapted to the current circumstances.



The event will be split into two parts. For one part, participants will be able to virtually attend the conferences. The main focus will be the state of the electromobility sector during the COVID-19 crisis and the opportunities created for a large number of businesses such as service stations, supermarkets, car parks and delivery fleets. To demonstrate this, the event will be attended by different company partners who will explain their success stories.

The other part of the event will consist of an exclusive, invitation-only area used to bring Circontrol’s clients together for networking purposes.

Registration is open and free through the following link:



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