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Seven charging points were installed to charge 25 electric vehicles

Last weekend 3rd Motorsport Festival Alp 2500, one of the most important events in the motoring world, was held in Alp, a town in Cerdanya located in the Pyrenees. For the first time among the organized activities, there was an EcoTrobada, a race for hybrid and electric vehicles. 25 hybrid and electric vehicles participated in this race. Circontrol installed seven charging points which charged all the participating vehicles.

Four Circontrol charging posts managed with a master-slave system were installed in Alp. These were one master and three slaves that provided seven charging three-phase points with 22kw power each. This solution is the most cost-effective way to manage a system with several slave chargers controlled by a single master. This system distributes the power supplied to multiple users using only one charger and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Motorsport Alp, essential appointment in the motoring world

The 3rd Motorsport Festival Alp 2500 is one of the most important appointments of the motor that brought together various activities and had as its central point the VIII Pujada Alp 2500, scoring for the Spanish Mountain and Sportech Championships in Catalonia. All the activities were organized by Cerdanya Racing Club Esportiu and V-Line Org.

The electric vehicles, hybrids and alternative fuels joined the event and made the ascent route from Alp to Masella. The electric vehicles also added to the 3rd Sprint de la Cerdanya Rally, regularity test and scoring speed in Catalonia and Spain championships, the 3rd Alp 2500 Classics Concentration and Alp Legend (car rally and exhibition until the year 1999). The participation of electric vehicles in this kind of events contributes to their greater visibility and will be increasingly common when the use of the electric vehicle extends.

It was the first edition of the ECOTrobada Alp

25 hybrid and electric vehicles participated in the race

The Master-Slave System distributed the power supplied to multiple users.

All the participants were hybrid and/or 100% electric

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