Circontrol’s EV chargers in Saba and Bamsa car parks

Circontrol’s EV chargers in Saba and Bamsa car parks

Saba has installed 140 charging points manufactured by Circontrol in a network managed by Endesa

Saba and Bamsa will reinforce the presence of Electric Vehicle chargers in his carparks with Circontrol’s charging equipments and a network managed by Endesa. There has been an initial deployment in 14 cities and with the installation of 144 EV charging points in 36 car parks that are already working, but is it planned to expand this network to 400 EV charging points in 50 car parks through Spain.

For this project Saba has relied on Circontrol’s technology choosing WallBox eVolve, AC semi-fast charging station that allows charging an 80% of EVs battery in one hour, designed to meet the needs of rotation and subscribed users. WallBox eVolve is designed to be installed both in public and private locations where an innovative design is important to fit in an urban environment and WallBox eVolve series does it with a modern and stylish design. Besides having a nice design, its housing made of aluminium and ABS plastic has been combined in a robust structural design that provides protection to both mechanical stress an sever environmental conditions. It also has a frontal key-locked door that facilitate its maintenance and allows it to be installed next to the wall.

But in WallBox eVolve series not only exterior design is important, it includes communications either by Ethernet or 3G/GPRS modem connected to a back-office system by means of OCPP. This allows user management, billing and remote error diagnostic. This series is also designed to make charging process easier offering a flexible authentication, meaning that the user can either authenticate before or after connecting the cable to the EV, and a backlight display that easily and clearly shows charging instructions and plug status. To comply with the most demanding requirements regarding billing, eVolve series includes MID certified meters.

Circontrol’s EV chargers in Saba and Bamsa car parks

Circontrol an Saba working togheter in efficient parking

This wider presence of EV charging stations in Saba car parks responds to two facts. On the one hand, the increasingly important presence of electric vehicles that makes an extension of charging infrastructure more necessary than ever.
On the other hand, this represents a step further to continue incorporating different mobility models and services that add value to car parks, conceived as service hubs that use technology to improve customer service. Circontrol collaborates with Saba in its car park management. Circontrol’s solution consists in the installation in each square of a new system of LED lighting of very low consumption and great luminosity that improves user’s comfort and security when he is leaving or picking up his vehicle. At the same time this complementary illumination allows to turn off some lines of fluorescents maintaining an adequate level of illumination with a saving of the electrical consumption.

Saba is a leading industrial operator that develops solutions in urban mobility in car park management present in 9 countries in Europe and Latin America and has 378.000 parking spaces distributed in 1.100 centres.

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