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LEVC will promote the sale and installation of Circontrol chargers among the customers of the dealers where the brand is present in Spain

The manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, Circontrol, has reached at the beginning of 2022 a collaboration agreement with the legendary professional vehicle brand London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), creator of the iconic London “cabs” or taxis. The agreement involves the promotion of Circontrol chargers to LEVC customers, as well as training and advice to offer them the best EV charging solutions.

The commercial vehicle brand, founded in London in 1908, became famous for the introduction of its Unic 12/16 taxi model, which became the only one capable of operating in Britain’s capital. Over time it evolved into the distinctive Fairway model, worldwide famous. Since 2017, the company has focused on producing electric models, such as the TX utility vehicle and the VN5 delivery van, which landed in Spain in 2021. The two models have a range of more than 500km thanks to their range extender, with a maximum charging power of 50kW, ideal for fast chargers such as Circontrol’s Raption 50. This allows them to charge 80% of their battery in just 30 minutes.

LEVC TN5 van, at Circontrol's facilities

LEVC TN5 van, at Circontrol’s facilities

The agreement between the two companies was made official this April, and stands out for the synergies that have arisen between the professional vehicle brand and the electric car charger manufacturer. In this sense, Circontrol’s General Manager Joan Hinojo explains that “the agreement with LEVC will allow commercial vehicle drivers to learn about our solutions from a company renowned for its legendary taxis, while we accompany them with our experience in the world of EV charging“. He also emphasises that “it is an honour to be able to walk alongside a manufacturer with more than 100 years of recognised fame in the European automotive market“.

On the other hand, Jorge Susaeta, LEVC’s operations manager for Southern and Northern Europe, highlights the positive implications of the agreement: “working together with Circontrol will allow us not only to provide quality added value to vehicle owners and commercial fleets, but also to advance in the standardisation towards electric mobility in the most convenient way for users“. “The path towards 100% electrified transport requires partnerships with industry leaders in recharging, such as the one we have just started with Circontrol“, concludes Susaeta.

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