CIRCONTROL reaches its 25th anniversary with 35% growth

CIRCONTROL reaches its 25th anniversary with 35% growth

The company manages to exceed 45 million euros after a complex year due to issues with the supply of electronic materials and the COVID-19 crisis


CIRCONTROL passes all growth expectations based on 2021 results. The energy-efficient parking and charging solutions company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022 and is now established in upwards of 60 countries with more than 120,000 EV charging points fitted, overcomes the second year of the pandemic with clear-cut growth, achieving a turnover of 45.2 million euros. This is an increase of 35% on 2020, a year marked by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The figure represents a decided boost in sales and growth in a complex environment, not only due to issues arising from coronavirus, but also because of material supply issues affecting industry in the West. In spite of these hurdles, CIRCONTROL’s figures highlight that it has remained one of the industry’s consolidated leaders, increasing its sales by more than a third compared to 2020, a year in which they already grew to 33.6 million euros. According to CIRCONTROL’s General Manager Joan Hinojo, “2021 has been a highly complex year, full of uncertainty, but we have been able to remain true to our commitment to quality and keep a keen eye on market trends, and we are now stronger than ever.

CIRCONTROL’s rise is in line with the growth rate of the electromobility sector, which has soared in recent years due to the increased uptake of EVs among drivers. According to specialised media, EV sales growth has risen 26% globally in 2021, particularly in China and Europe, where this segment now accounts for 12% and 15% of new registrations. In light of the growing need for charging points due to this increased uptake of EVs, CIRCONTROL has been able to get a head start and offer charging solutions to meet this need in Spain, Europe and several countries worldwide.

The company’s turnover figures from last year reflect the improvement in this industry, in a year featuring major milestones. These notably include the success of fast and ultra-fast charging, achieved through the creation of three new models of high-power chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kW to EVs, cutting charging time enormously.


Clear commitment to excellence and sustainability

One of the factors that sets CIRCONTROL apart lies in upholding a business model based on sustainable growth and innovation. In that regard, and following its policy of reinvesting profits, the manufacturer will spend 13% of its budget on R&D+i in 2022, in order to continue to pursue excellence in its products. This not only translates to first-rate chargers, but also to a commitment to a quality user experience, making the devices as convenient, simple and resilient as possible, resulting in an easier experience for EV drivers.

“CIRCONTROL is a family-run company with a history spanning more than 25 years, throughout which our team has expanded significantly. We are increasingly working with more people, growing a talent base and experience built over the years that has enabled us to establish our place in the world of electromobility. This boost to the CIRCONTROL family will enable us not only to continue to offer our services with the same quality as always, but also to be a benchmark for technical and industrial knowledge in Catalonia,” explains the CEO of CIRCONTROL, Núria Comellas.

Attention to excellence and quality also applies to improving and expanding CIRCONTROL’s facilities. In 2021, just 6 years after the construction of its second warehouse, the company has opened a third one at its headquarters in Viladecavalls, which at present hosts the expansion of warehouse and logistics services. Additionally, furthering its cause as a company committed to the environment and to reducing its carbon footprint, it has installed a solar pergola that will supply power to several electric car chargers for workers, and which will, in turn, contribute to the self-consumption of the facilities, minimising its dependence on the electricity grid.

Lastly, this commitment to development also extends to the human side of the company. CIRCONTROL’s growth over the last year in terms of sales has gone hand in hand with a major increase in its workforce: there were 180 employees in the company last year, but by the end of 2021 it had grown by a further 50 workers, totalling 230 people. It is also worth highlighting the strong impetus given to research, since around 50% of the workers are technicians and engineers, and practically all of these are exclusively dedicated to developing new electric vehicle charging and smart parking solutions.

Circontrol's facilities, seen at aerial view
Circontrol’s facilities, seen at aerial view

A solid and stable improvement

The commitment to knowledge and reinvestment of profits has meant that CIRCONTROL has become a benchmark in the sector due to its quality, but also due to its variety of products. In that regard, the company has focused not only on making the chargers it manufactures resistant, reliable and powerful, but also user friendly and adapted to suit the needs of each charge, proposing the most appropriate solutions to varying contexts: from home charging to communal residences and garages, to recharging at electric charge stations or motorway service stations, using a wide range of possibilities.

This flexibility and variety has been rewarded, in particular through the rise of new product sales. The line that has experienced most growth in 2021 has been fast and ultra-fast charging in direct current (DC), but there has also been a clear-cut improvement in semi-fast alternating current (AC) chargers, in addition to other product ranges.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the company exports its products and solutions to upwards of 60 countries worldwide with a consolidated presence in Europe, as well as in specific markets in South America and in Persian Gulf countries. Besides this, through the creation of the company Voltway together with Mexican company Xignux, in 2021, CIRCONTROL laid the first stone to enter into and boost its presence in the Mexican market and to be able to enter the United States in the coming years.

This growing worldwide distribution represents CIRCONTROL’s consolidation as one of the biggest manufacturers in the electric charging industry globally, with major projects in several countries over the past year. These include some of the first fully-electric charging stations for motorways in Britain, major electric charging infrastructures for delivery fleets in Slovakia, and mass charging facilities for major car parks worldwide such as at the Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

There are no foreseen changes to CIRCONTROL’s secure growth, but rather it will remain in line with the sector, according to Antoni Grau, Head of Corporate Development: “over the years we have been working little by little to become a benchmark in the field of electromobility, and we are achieving it; it is a result based on effort and consistency, but also by knowing how to foresee problems,” he said. One of the most important challenges this year has been the global electronic component supply crisis suffered in recent months. The manufacturer from Viladecavalls was able to overcome it without major incident “thanks to a strategy of stockpiling and versatility in production, which has enabled us to continue to uphold our delivery times and commitments to our customers,” explained Grau.

A twenty-fifth anniversary with consolidated growth prospects

CIRCONTROL’s forecasts for 2022 remain set on secure growth, with tangible and realistic targets. This coming year is expected to be key for the company, not only for consolidating the momentum gained during 2021, but also as it celebrates 25 years of history.

Hinojo foresees that this “will be a very special year for us, both in the corporate and sales field; the passing of the crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the various plans for electrifying the mobility of public administrations, are expected to further drive the electric vehicle market and, therefore, the charging market”.

This is why the company expects to continue to boost sales and, in particular, exports to other countries of its chargers and other smart parking solutions. In that regard, it expects to maintain growth in line with the electromobility market. A hopeful outlook, considering the favourable figures for the sector and the increasing need for charging points for EVs everywhere.

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