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This is the eighth edition of the event organized by Parking Network and dedicated to airport parking


In large infrastructures such as airports, parking is an essential service to take into account. And it is because a more efficient parking offers advantages for the traveler, managing to reduce their stress and thus greater customer loyalty, and also for the airport operator who, with a more efficient system, can reduce energy consumption and expenses.

Circontrol is aware of this, that is why on the 21st and 22nd of November, the eighth edition of the Airport Parking Network Event presented its comprehensive and efficient solution for parking management, designed specifically for large infrastructures such as airports.

The digital platform dedicated to the world of parking, Parking Network organizes the Airport Parking Network Event annually. A meeting that attracts the heads of the parking industry and airport park managers around the world.

The convention is a great opportunity for professionals to meet, exchange ideas and participate in workshops specifically focused on airport parking solutions. Among the topics discussed were competition or collaboration with out-of-airport car parks, parking digitization, revenue and performance management, marketing-related aspects, online booking solutions and pricing strategies.

The proposal presented by Circontrol is based on a global system of efficient management of car parks. This includes a system of guidance (interior and exterior) to speed up the process to find a free space, reducing stress and improving traffic management in the parking lot. The LED lighting system, which allows energy and economic savings and improves the user experience achieving better lighting at a lower cost. Finally, it also includes the installation of charging points for electric vehicles, all managed with the CirPark SCADA platform. Offering, together, a system designed to reduce maintenance and management costs.
During the Airport Parking Network Event, the parking lot of the Schiphol airport was also visited, as well as its Circontrol parking system.

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