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The leading manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers brought together families and employees at its Family Day, held on Sunday 23 October

Big family party at Circontrol’s headquarters to celebrate the twenty-fifth birthday of the company. Last Sunday 23rd October, the leading manufacturer of EV chargers, Circontrol, celebrated its Family Day for its 25 years of history, gathering families and employees of the company together. The day brought around 500 people in total, who enjoyed different activities appropriate for all ages: from child games to guided tours and more.

Circontrol, part of the industrial business cluster Circutor Group, was founded in 1997 in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) with around 15 employees. Over the years its workforce grew to 50 people, becoming too much for their facilities, thus forcing the company to move to its current headquarters in Viladecavalls in 2010. Step by step, the number of employees grew again and by the middle of 2022 its workforce already exceeded 250 people. A milestone that the company attributes to the success of its activity in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Workers and families at the celebration of Circontrol's 25th anniversary

Employees and families at the celebration of Circontrol’s 25th anniversary

As for the Family Day, attendees were able to enjoy a huge variety of activities, such as guided tours through the facilities, games for children and adults and a large festive lunch for all participants. In addition, an amusing improvisation show was present through the whole party, and there were several speeches by the company’s management, as well as different spaces and recreational activities especially designed for infants to enjoy this family festive Sunday.

Núria Comellas, Circontrol’s CEO, stressed that “we are very proud to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary and to do so in the context in which we are doing it, with an impressive growth and an exciting challenge ahead of us“. Comellas also highlighted the company’s “commitment to sustainability and our leadership in the electric vehicle charging market, with very talented professionals” as key elements of the company. On the other hand, the General Manager Joan Hinojo spoke about the brand’s presence in Spain, but specifically in the international market, which “over time has become a key reference player in the world of electric mobility”. “Talking about Circontrol is talking about quality and experience: our partners know it, the industry knows it and we know it, and all this has been made possible thanks to our well-done job: we must feel proud about it”, emphasised Hinojo.

The celebration gathered a great number of assistants

The celebration gathered a great number of assistants

Finally, the President of the Circutor Group, Ramon Comellas, also spoke during the celebration to highlight the position of Circontrol as a benchmark in electromobility of the cluster: “a few years ago we believed that the electric vehicle would be the future, and we thought it was necessary to make a strong commitment to it; we started at the Terrassa facilities when we were just a few, and now we can say that we got it right, and that we have earned a good place as benchmarks and experts in the industry”. Comellas also highlighted the strength of the union of the 9 companies that come under the Circutor Group umbrella, making clear that “united we are stronger than ever, and we have achieved a very important position in the electrical industry around the world: we must congratulate ourselves on the path we have travelled so far, and look forward for what the future will bring to us”.

One of the main activities was a festive lunch for the assistants

One of the main activities was a festive lunch for the assistants

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