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  • The device offers up to 3 modes that allow for charging with 100% solar power, using a combination of solar and grid power and/or charging at maximum available power without risk of over-consumption.

  • The Genion One is an accessory for the eHome Link, one of Circontrol’s leading domestic chargers, and can be installed alongside any self-consumption system on the market.

  • The new domestic EV charging manager has won two international design awards – the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Award – standing out for its functional and aesthetic design.

  • The company highlights the multiple synergies between EV charging and photovoltaic power generation to further reduce the carbon footprint of drivers.

    The leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, Circontrol, launches Genion One, a device that allows electric vehicle drivers to further reduce their carbon footprint by offering them the possibility to charge their EVs with 100% green energy from their photovoltaic panels. This is the Genion One, an accessory for the eHome Link, one of the company’s leading home chargers, and the first Circontrol product to link self-consumption with EV charging. According to Eloi Bellart, the product’s manager, “the Genion One is a product that will ensure the photovoltaic installation is used to its full potential, since drivers will be able to use the surplus solar energy to charge their vehicles”. In addition, the new Genion One allows the management of simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles, something that sets Circontrol’s solution apart from that of other brands and that will be key to the definitive implementation of electric mobility in homes.

    Three operating modes to maximize savings and sustainability.

    The Genion One offers users up to three charging modes: Just Green, which charges the vehicle using only surplus solar energy; Smart Mix, which combines solar and grid power; and Boost mode, which can be activated manually when users need a faster charge, harnessing all available domestic power. These modes can be programmed easily from any smartphone or tablet through the web app. Here, users can also view the circulating power of the home and the EV charger status in real time. It also allows users to configure the contracted power for each time slot, set a charging schedule or select a charging mode for each time of day to benefit from the most advantageous electricity rates and the sunniest hours of the day.

    Dynamic load management

    Another strength of Circontrol’s new product is its control system for preventing over-consumption. Users will be able to use other household appliances and charge their electric vehicle(s) with total peace of mind, since the Genion One will distribute the available power at all times.

    Award for design and adaptability

    The Genion One hits the market after winning the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Award, two major international product design competitions. In addition to its aesthetic design, the device also stands out for being easy to install and compatible with any inverter on the market.

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