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Circontrol in Everest project

The Everest project “Electric Vehicle Embedded Renewable Energy Storage and Transmission” is a modular energy storage system that uses second-life batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles.

The main benefits of the Everest project are as follows:

Giving electric vehicle batteries a second life.
New energy storage system used to charge electric vehicles that does not overload the electrical network.
• Installation of ultra-fast charging systems (cc) where this was not previously possible due to infrastructure issues. Expansion of the network of ultra-fast charging systems.
• The energy storage system uses renewable energies.
• It provides stability to the electrical network.
• Energy storage for remote locations.
• Energy support for high demand.
• Very useful source of information when studying second-life batteries and for the development of new batteries.

Circontrol in Everest project : What is the role of collaboration CIRCONTROL ?
Circontrol, with its headquarters in Barcelona, is a manufacturer of car park efficiency and mobility systems and electric vehicle charging solutions. Since the start of its activity (2009) it has manufactured over 10.000 charging points for all sorts of electric vehicles.

Circontrol offers range of electric vehicle charging products is the widest in the market and it features from home charging units to state-of-the-art ultra-fast charging systems that can charge any commercial electric vehicle in only 15 minutes. It also develops the powerful Scada software that can control and monitor charging systems.
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