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Working together with partners to offer them the quality service they need is crucial for Circontrol as a manufacturer and supplier of EV charging solutions. Over the past 15 years, we have developed strong relationships with some of the most important players in the European electric vehicle charging world, and we have only been able to maintain this relationship of trust and mutual understanding by constantly and empathetically work to understand our customers’ needs.

One of the most remarkable relationships we have forged over the years is our partnership with Hymes Networks, a leading distributor and installer of electric vehicle charging solutions in Germany. Located in Nerdlen, a small town in the Rheinland-Pfalz region, Hymes started working with electric vehicle charging in 2016, and since 2018 it has been a proud Circontrol distributor. From that moment, Circontrol and Hymes Networks have worked side by side, growing together as the electromobility sector has expanded, and have developed a relationship of trust and mutual success to become a major tandem in the German EV charging industry.

We were therefore particularly pleased that their CEO, Markus Haep, took the time during the last Power2Drive trade fair in Munich to talk about what it means to work with us as a supplier of chargers for electric vehicles. In this conversation we talked not only about our devices, but also about those aspects more valuable for a distributor and installer partner like Hymes Networks, such as our after-sales service, our delivery timescales or the adaptation of our technology to industry’s challenges such as the highly demanding German metrological regulation Eichrecht.

You can see Markus Haep’s thoughts about the collaboration between Hymes Networks and Circontrol in this video:

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