Circontrol focuses on improving the user experience of its EV chargers

Circontrol focuses on improving the user experience of its EV chargers

The growing demand for electric vehicles is creating a great variety of EV chargers users. In that context, Circontrol considers it essential to offer a better user experience to adapt to user needs and guide them during the charging process. That is why the company has been working on a number of improvements in this field.

The first product that will benefit from these improvements will be the new fast DC charger Raption Compact 160, the latest updated version of Circontrol’s Raption 150, which will be presented at Power2Drive 2023, in Munich. In addition to increasing output power to 160 kW, the new version improves its user experience in several aspects.

A new touchscreen

Raption Compact 160 includes a larger touchscreen of up to 15 inches. By using WLED technology, the new screen has now better durability and it is easier to read in daylight (1800 nits brightness). In addition, Circontrol applies IK10 (mechanical resistant degree) in their screen to prevent vandalism acts when chargers are placed in public spaces.

The new screen interface offers new icons with the aim of providing more data to users, such as current charging power or charging voltage. Additionally, the new screen includes the possibility to display as screen-saver different pictures for marketing purposes, energy rates or other important information.

Easier to plug and unplug

The new Raption Compact 160 has positioned its holders to a 90-degree. This new position, compared to the previous 45-degree, makes it much easier to plug and unplug cables.

A better accessibility

The new features in user experience include different improvements to make Circontrol’s chargers more accessible to accommodate handicapped individuals by adapting to European standards. To reach that purpose, the screen and the holders have been placed in a lower position.

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