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After performing very well in the United Kingdom, Circontrol charging stations will offer integrated contactless bank card payment in most European countries.

In the times of COVID-19, there has been an upsurge in the use of the contactless bank card payment method. Small businesses and other enterprises that have opted for plastic money to avoid physical contact and the risk of contagion have joined the list of establishments where it was already customary to pay by card. Along these lines, Circontrol will include a contactless payment system at its chargers, offering a convenient and universal user experience with no need to download mobile apps or fill in registration forms.

The contactless payment system had already been implemented in the United Kingdom, with close to 400 fast chargers fitted with integrated payment to high acclaim in terms of their user experience. Circontrol contactless payment is easy, quick and highly convenient: connect the car, charge and pay by phone or credit/debit card without having to enter the card PIN, provided the transaction does not exceed the payment limit which, as a result of COVID-19, has been increased in most countries.

It is hoped that this measure increases the use and boosts the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, especially DC fast charging stations, which can charge 80% of an EV’s battery in 30 minutes, for an amount not exceeding the contactless payment limit. In Spain, the price of fast charging ranged between €0.30/kWh and €0.49/kWh in January, depending on the charging network.

This project will enable cards from the likes of Visa, Mastercard and American Express to be used for payment. At present, at most charging stations, the user is required to download a mobile app or register with a service that provides a card to make the payment. The use of charging stations will be made easier through integrated payment, since users can pay for the service by simply waving their contactless card or phone over the terminal.

Payment experience with the integrated system in a Circontrol charger in the UK




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