Circontrol Efficient Parking Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Circontrol Efficient Parking Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Circontrol efficient mobility solutions for car parks are very much appreciated in Saudi Arabia. Three new parking facilities in Jeddah and Riyadh chose CirPark system to provide occupancy control & guidance service to their clients. In fact, CirPark is a Circontrol efficient parking solutions. More than 350 car parks worldwide are enjoying the great advantages of their CirPark system inside.

An astounding architectural beauty tower in Jeddah. The Headquarters Business Park, a new landmark set to rise on the shores of the stunning Red Sea. With its unique iconic design and state of the art facilities, it will be the address for the professional yet sophisticated business people. The architecture consists of three main parts; the west tower, east tower, and podium. Total parking bays 1560 indoor.

A 38-storey, 200 m skyscraper in Riyadh. It is one of the proposed green buildings in Saudi Arabia kingdom; it will be the address for the professional yet sophisticated business people. The architecture consists of 5 basement floors. Total parking bays 640 indoor.

Laureate Riyadh Tourism & Hospitality College of Excellence, Riyadh

Colleges of Excellence (CoE) offers quality vocational training programs through public private partnerships with global top level training providers in the Kingdom, which will be focused on employer needs and will enable students to obtain world class qualifications that allow them to turn their passions into careers. This will create a stronger, more skilled Saudi labour force and meet the needs of the local job market. The architecture consists of three floors, with outside parking. Total parking bays 551 indoor & 326 outdoor

Circontrol is leading manufacturer of efficiency in car parks, offering innovative solutions. Circontrol efficient parking solutions :

Occupancy and guidance system for indoor and outdoor
Smart LED lighting system
SCADA Software with advanced management and parking services
Recharging stations for electric vehicles
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