Circontrol presents its global solution for Efficient Parking at Intertraffic

Circontrol presents its global solution for Efficient Parking at Intertraffic

Circontrol will be present at the leading trade fair for the mobility sector that will be held in Amsterdam from the 20th to the 23rd of March

From the 20th to the 23rd of March will be held in Amsterdam a new edition of Intertraffic, the world leading trade fair about traffic and mobility. Circontrol will participate one year more to present its global solution for Efficient Parking (Hall 2 Stand 02.216), which is able to manage all the needs related to parking through the CirPark platform.
Intertraffic attendants visiting Circontrol’s stand will discover a solution for Efficient Parking composed of three families of products giving a response to all operators’ necessities in an integrated way: iPark, EVPark and LedPark.

From its first edition in 1972, Intertraffic has become the most important event for professionals related to infrastructures, traffic management, road safety, parking and intelligent mobility. Thus, it is a perfect environment to present Circontrol technology which in the present manages 400.000 parking bays in more than 570 car parks around the world.

CirPark platform offers several applications and can be implemented in indoor and outdoor, public, semi-public and private car parks. In fact, CirPark has optimized very different kinds of car parks and has provided user satisfaction in shopping malls, corporates, hotels, airports, hospitals, universities, city centres, etc.

Multi-platform and mobile-oriented software infrastructure

In order to ease the installation and the functioning, CirPark is composed of a software, CirPark Scada, which is mobile-oriented and enables third-party integration. It is clearly a unique platform for a fully integrated Efficient Parking experience. iPark, for example, becomes a powerful management tool that optimises traffic in car parks and provides user satisfaction by giving them the information they need thanks to the Guidance and the Counting System but also to the Find Your Car feature, which provides car-finding solutions based on QR Code or License Plate Recognition.

The LEDPark regulates and manage a LED Light system with parking guidance accordingly with real-time occupancy and pedestrian movements. It achieves an installation and maintenance cost reduction thanks to its low power consumption and long-lasting equipment in less than 3 years Return on Investment.

Taking into account of the growth of electrical mobility, EVPark offers a wide range of EV chargers; wall/ground mount, slow/quick charging and single/double socket for both indoor and outdoor facilities. This point is particularly relevant if we consider a European directive establishing that in the following years all non-residential buildings with car parks with more than 10 parking bays will be obligated to reserve one of each ten parking space for EV Charging. As EV chargers manufacturers, Circontrol can provide not only chargers but also other solutions integrated with the Global Efficient Parking concept. The DLM (Dynamic Load Management), for example, is a key issue if there are several charging points as it ensures that only the available power of the installation is used, thus maximising its efficiency and avoiding the high cost of a power upgrade.

In a connected environment where mobile phones and geographical mobility are really important, CirPark solutions have been developed with this key point in mind as all the solutions can be managed through CirCloud, a cloud platform that receives data from car parks improving operator’s task and providing information to users through CirMobile, a generic mobile Application able to know if in a car park there is space availability or there is the possibility to charge an electric vehicle or not, for instance.

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