In its willing to collaborate with high schools in its area and approach technologies to future professionals in the sector, Circontrol has donate electronic material to Castellarnau High School in Sabadell.

This is material that students can use to practice all along its training. Some months ago Telecommunications Systems and Informatics students in Castellarnau high-school visited Circontrol’s headquarters and received explanations about our Mobility and eMobility solutions.

Charging equipment manufactured by Circontrol in Dubai’s goverment plan to introduce electric vehicle

EV charger - front
Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority will install 84 charging stations all along the city

Dubai’s Electricity and Water Autohirty has decided to impulse the energetic efficiency in this city in United Arab Emirates taking different measures related with efficient parking and the impulse of electric vehicle. These projects are part of Dubai’s government plan to transform it in a smart city and the aim to support energetic efficiency. Circontrol will have a big part on the project.

Dubai’s government plan for the impulse of electric vehicle began in March and plans to install 84 charging stations in malls, airports, residential communities and hotels. The first charging stations were installed in DEWA’s office and are working since February.

Circontrol also takes part in another important part of the plan: the betting on efficient parking. A concept includes, among other asptects, an LED lighting system that will save more than 70% of electricity, and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

Circontrol is a manufacturer leading company in Mobility and eMobility sectors all over the world, with more than 400 park cars managed with its solutions for efficient parking and 20.000 charging stations for electric vehicles all over the world.

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