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The charger of the new electric bicycles by Circontrol

During the last months Bicing, the service of public bicycles in Barcelona, has started a new project to introduce the electric bicycle maintaining the structure of the existing Bicing. These bicycles have been devised, designed and manufactured involving different national and international companies.

Circontrol has developed and manufactured the chargers for electric bicycles and the physical and logical platform to give charging stations connectivity with the server and data logging. This charger of the new electric bicycles is managed bythe software designed by Circontrol sends the data with the battery charge level of every battery so the software decides if they are ready to be freed and start rolling.

Electric Bicing pilot test will last until the end of 2015 with 45 indoor and 5 outdoor stations. It started with 1.000 subscribers that increased in 4.000 users and, nowadays there’s a waiting list to use the service. On average it’s used 115 times per day and the average distance traveled is 2,7km regarding the 1,9km with the regular bicycle and 20 minutes regarding the 13 of the regular bicycle.

This service complements Bicing and is created to expand the service, increase the sustainability and make long and sloping rides using bikes that are only 3 kg heavier than the regular ones, with a quick charge and autonomy of 40 km.

Circontrol is a manufacturer company leader in its sector, with over 15.000 charging stations for electric vehicles working all over the world and more than 380 car parks managed using its efficient mobility solutions. If you need more information, contact us.

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