Circontrol celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding

Circontrol celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding

·       The leading EV charging solutions company is promoting different activities on this 2022 to commemorate its 25 years of history, which will peak in an big party open for the staff’s families this autumn.


Circontrol achieves this year its 25th anniversary surrounded by good prospects. Counting new turnover records and with a greater international presence than ever in the EV charging industry – especially in the HPC market -, the Spanish brand will celebrate this autumn its twenty-fifth anniversary with a big party that will mean the peak of a big number of activities held all over this 2022 among its employees.

The manufacturer from Barcelona is right now in a very sweet moment of its history. After two years of Covid-19 pandemic that have affected to the electromobility industry, and despite the global shortage of electronic components of the last autumn, Circontrol has managed to grow a 35% its invoicing compared with 2020, surpassing the 45 million euros mark and having more than 260 workers this June.

We are in our best moment since our founding in 1997” states Circontrol General Manager, Joan Hinojo. He says that the manufacturing company “began as a family business, and after all this time we keep the same spirit, but we’ve grown and now we face global challenges”, although he manifests that “we face them with the same passion and force as always”. This momentum allows an optimistic perspective about the future for the company, which foresees even a bigger increase of its turnover for this 2022, following the increasing business trend of the industry.


From a few tens to a quarter thousand employees

The growth has been constant for the firm, which was founded with a few tens of employees in 1997, at the neighbouring city of Terrassa. In that time, Circontrol used to develop software solutions for Grupo Circutor, the business cluster in which the manufacturer is integrated. Over the years, they saw the opportunity to work also in the energy efficiency sector for the Mobility industry, creating the Cirpark business unit in 2002, and in 2007 they bet to be pioneers in EV charging technology in Spain.

Most of the credit for this vision goes for our founder, Ramon Comellas, who was able to foresee what nobody did in Spain at that time: the future need for an EV charging network, and what would be needed to start it up” says Hinojo. That was the starting point behind the Circarlife business unit, which installed Circontrol’s first electric vehicle charger in 2008 and cleared the way that leaded where the company is today: in its third generation of AC and DC chargers and at the leading position of EV charging, from Spain to the whole world.

Now we are over the 260 employees, and our expansion doesn’t seem to be stopped anytime soon”, explains Nuria Comellas, CEO of Circontrol. After the construction of its current headquarters in Viladecavalls, in 2010, Circontrol had already expanded its facilities twice to maintain its growing business activities. “When we arrived at our headquarters we were only 50 people, and over this 12 years we’ve increased our staff in more than 200 workers; I think this change shows that things have been well done”, asserts Comellas.


25 years to celebrate with the family

Apart from this staff increasing, Comellas thinks the family-like teamworking relation with the employees has remained over the time, and the several activities promoted this year to celebrate the anniversary support that. From internal contests to healthy activities, this twenty-fifth birthday celebrations is carrying several proposals in order to reinforce Circontrol’s community through different activities for every month all along this 2022. “We want to be close and keep this family spirit we grew over the years remaining between our staff”, states Comellas.

In this sense, the different activities move towards a final event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the manufacturer from Viladecavalls, with an open celebration for the staff and its families in autumn. “This will be a magic moment that will allow us to add value to all the different stages of our history, and share this successes with our families; we think it will be very emotional”, says Comellas with joy. This celebration is meant become a stage change not only for Circontrol, but for all the Grupo Circutor, and will allow to face future challenges with more hope and resolution than ever, states the company management.

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