Circontrol brings together the top european eMobility associations at its headquarters

Circontrol brings together the top european eMobility associations at its headquarters

The meeting took place within the framework of the conference “The Industrial eMobilility Challenge”, organised by AEDIVE on 22 March, and strengthened the position of the spanish manufacturer on the European map for the production of eMobilility solutions

The electric vehicle charger and electromobility solutions company Circontrol brought together representatives of the most important European associations related to electric mobility at its facilities in Viladecavalls (Barcelona, Spain).

The high-level meeting between industry players took place on 22 March, as part of the conference “The Industrial eMobilility Challenge” organised by the Spanish Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo e Impulso de la Movilidad Eléctrica (AEDIVE). The European Electromobility Association (AVERE) and the association for the promotion of electromobility in Europe, CharIn, as well as AEDIVE itself and a number of different sectors of electric mobility in Spain, took part in the event.

The associations and clusters participating in the conference went to Circontrol’s headquarters in the afternoon for a guided tour through the facilities. The tour was chaired by the General Manager of Circontrol, Joan Hinojo, who answered the questions of the visitors, highlighting the day-to-day production of the company.

The representatives of the different associations and entities were able to see different parts of the headquarters, such as the production area, the logistics management area, the test laboratory and the EV charging hub installed outside. Afterwards, they met to exchange impressions, objectives, visions and proposals on mobility in Spain and Europe through a networking meet.


A visit about “modernity and innovation”

Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the Board of CharIn, explained that he was impressed by “the modernity of [Circontrol’s] facilities, which breathe innovative technology”. Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE, expressed in the same way, and added that “I was surprised not only by the production system, but also by the approach with which the product is delivered and introduced to the market“.

Regarding the differences between Spain and other European countries, Bracklo commented that “in Spain, governments need to get involved, that will be a good measure; in Germany, 6 billion euros have been spent on taxes for the technology industry, so that we can all grow“. On the other hand, Vangeel commented that “Europe needs to regulate the charging of electric mobility in a joined-up way so that we are all on the same page”.

The meeting served to strengthen Circontrol’s position on the European map for the production of electromobility solutions. In this sense the manufacturer, pioneer in Spain of EV charging products, saw reinforced through this meeting its role as a pole of attraction of talent as a “knowledge hub” and leader in the development of electric mobility solutions in the country.

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