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At Circontrol we work every day to make a cleaner and kinder world for people and the environment. In fact, our mainly activity is based on the development of EV chargers, which allow to implement electromobility as the most sustainable way to power our everyday life regarding transportation.

But this is not enough: as manufacturers and providers of Mobility and eMobility solutions, we also work to follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030, agreed as global commitments with that year as a time goal to implement them. This way, we contribute to fight for a better and cleaner world with our daily work at our facilities.

In this regard, to promote a greener mobility is not the only one of the 17 global objectives that we achieve in our activity. That’s why we’ve wanted to make more visible what do we do from our company to make this world fairer and cleaner from the inside.


Commitment to Sustainable and Non-Polluting Energy

Trying the energy we use in our productive activity to be as clean as possible is crucial to maintain our sustainable company standards. That’s why our factories have up to 1.080 m2 of solar photovoltaic panels to obtain up to 180 kWp of electric power. In this sense, we also manage the excess of electric power through a reinjection process, which drives this green energy back to the grid.


Commitment to Sustainable Cities and Communities

The management of efficient transportation and sustainable mobility at the workplace itself is another of the most important objectives of the SDG for the UN. In Circontrol we help our employees to achieve this goal through the company electric vehicles, available for our staff whenever they need them. We also provide more than 10 EV chargers in our facilities to promote electric mobility among our workmates.


Commitment to Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainability through UN’s SDG implies also favouring the decent work among the company’s employees. Beyond assuming good working conditions, Circontrol has driven several Best Place To Work (BPTW) commissions, in order to add value to the necessary jobs for the company from different perspectives. This means a better quality in the way we work to promote the best working status for all our staff.


Commitment to Gender Equality

Finally, working or gender equality is essential to favour good working conditions for all our employees, regardless of their sexual or genre identity. In order to follow this goal, at Circontrol we’ve developed our own Equality Plan, which guarantees the same working status between our staff with no discrimination for genre or sexual orientation, among other identity aspects.


Know more about the Sustainable Development Goals here.

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