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This car park optimizes occupancy and traffic within the facility with iPark guidance system

Next Sunday April 15 will be held in Jette (Belgium) the inauguration of the new Apcoa car park, one of the main parking operators in Europe that manages 1.3 million parking spaces and has a presence in more than 12 countries. The parking facility, which is located in a central shopping area, will solve the lack of parking areas in the city centre and it is expected to boost the businesses near Queen Astrid Square.

This car park manages its 199 subterranean parking bays with iPark guidance system in order to optimise the occupancy and the traffic inside the facility. This functionality is possible due to the installation of 199 Bilogy sensors, one for each parking bay, providing detection and indication together in one device through a LED indicator. These devices are part of the guidance, counting and ‘Find Your Car’ system that optimises traffic in car parks increasing user’s satisfaction giving them the information that they need when they need it. This has also an impact on the parking operator because it increases costumer’s loyalty and reduces operational and maintenance costs through an efficient management of traffic and occupation.

CirPark, an integrated platform for Efficient Parking

iPark system is one of the solutions offered by CirPark, an integrated platform developed by Circontrol which allows an efficient management of several aspects such as illumination and energy efficiency (LEDPark), guidance (iPark) and electric vehicle charging (EVPark).

A festive day

The Parking Miroir – Spiegel opening will be an open event for citizens including a Royal Philharmonie of Jette concert and a free walk tour through the facilities.

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