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Ferran Menescal and Albert Sagarra completed 153 laps in 9 hours in this endurance race

Is it possible to organize an endurance race where vehicles run 9 hours non-stop without making any noise and without emitting polluting gases? The answer is yes, and this happened last 21st September in Circuit of Calafat (Tarragona, Spain) where Eco Gran Prix 2019 took place. Circontrol participated in the event sponsoring Ferran Menescal and Albert Sagarra’s team.

Eco Grand Prix is a 9-hour endurance race with 100% electric vehicles. The objective is achieving the maximum number of laps stopping to charge the EV as many times as the drivers wish. With races like this the organizers aim to end with one of the most popular myths that holds drivers from changing to electric vehicles: anxiety range.

Eco Grand Prix objectives go beyond the race itself. The event aims to present the advantages of the electric vehicle to everyone who may be interested, whether or not they have an EV, through an exhibition where visitors will be able to drive an EV and a conference where pilots and companies will answer assistant’s questions about emobility. Calafat’s Eco Grand Prix is part of an international racing series organized by Rafael Mestre, a reference in emobility and the first person to travel around the world on an EV.

Third position in EcoGP Calafat 2019

Circontrol participates for the second time in this race sponsoring one of the sixteen cars that took part in the race. Ferran Menescal and Albert Sagarra ended up on third position running with a Hyundai Kona and completing 153 laps in nine hours. A Tesla Model 3 that completed 159 laps won the race.

Circontrol has an R+D department that constantly develops new projects to improve its intelligent EV charging solutions. Events such as Calafat’s EcoGP are a big opportunity to test thus prototypes and on this occasion Circontrol has tested a WallBox DC prototype. .

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