As Electric Vehicles become popular more employees will drive them and the installation of EV chargers at workplaces will be required. This may increase employees’ satisfaction and attract talent offering premium services, also to the visitors. EV charging points installation also encourages the use of EV contributing to the reduction of gas emissions. All this will improve brand image by making your company more modern and sustainable. 

In workplaces you can install both wallboxes or posts, depending on the available space and mostly they will be AC charging because employees usually spend around 8 hours at the office and therefore quick charging is not required. 

Charging points installed at workplaces should be intelligent and also include some kind of load management solution. It is very likely that several charging points are installed that’s why it is necessary to use a load management solution to avoid blackouts due to grid overloading, to reduce installation and operational costs and to be more efficient through data collecting. This could also help with users’ management creating, for example, different profiles for employees and visitors.


WB eNext

eNext series has been conceived to simplify the charging process. Its stylish design makes it the best choice for private homes, communal blocks, workplaces and car parks.

WB eVolve

Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports, petrol stations …) and private ones. 

Post eVolve Smart

esigned to be installed in both public and private environments where their intelligent capabilities offer a better user and operator experience.



COSMOS is the platform designed by Circontrol to collect and store data from a specific set of EV chargers located in car parks, offices & communal blocks.


Master-Slave is a multipoint charging system designed to minimize the initial investment (CAPEX) and the operating expenses (OPEX) when several chargers are required. This solution is a combination of a Master charger and a set of Slaves controlled by this Master. The whole system works as if all the chargers had smart capabilities.

Dynamic Load Management

EV drivers want to charge their vehicles faster, especially in public and semi-public spaces while charging services providers want to reduce their costs. This situation requires an intelligent system to manage the charge, and here is where Dynamic Load Management (DLM) comes into the picture.