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Security and safety tips for visitors at Circontrol headquarters

We are happy to welcome you as a visitor to our facilities where you will be able to see how we perform our Mobility & eMobility solutions. In order to make from this a positive and safe experience, we would like to remind you a brief summary of our safety tips, as well as some important information we impel you to read as part of our visitor’s responsibility protocol.


  • Visitors are not allowed to remain close to any forklift or any other heavy machinery while being used
  • In case you use some vehicle inside Circontrol’s facilities limits, you must comply with the following driving regulations:
    • Maximum speed limited to 20 km/h
    • The parking of any vehicle must be performed backwards in order to ease a potential evacuation of our facilities
    • When walking inside our headquarters, use always the specially enabled paths for pedestrians and pedestrian crossings
  • Visitors must respect in any case the prohibition to enter in signalled areas of our facilities without any explicit authorization of Circontrol staff to avoid any possible health risks



The potential hazardous situations in Circontrol’s facilities may happen due to the following causes: forest or industrial fire, climatic events or accidents.


What to do in the event of an emergency:

  • Orient yourself, find evacuation routes and go to the marked meeting point at the facilities’ gates

  • Protect yourself, don’t take unnecessary risks and move away from any possible danger
  • Call the Emergency Officer of Circontrol (+34 607770179) and explain him/her where the emergency is and exactly what happened. Also, press any emergency button you could find on the nearby.


When should we act:

  • Whenever we hear a continuous alarm sound, which sends an alert to emergency services and activates the evacuation of the facilities
  • Whenever the Circontrol emergency staff, suited with a reflective vest, tells that a plant or the whole facilities must be evacuated


How should we act in the event of an emergency: 

  • Follow the emergency staff instructions at every moment
  • Follow the emergency marks distributed all over Circontrol’s facilities

  • Disconnect any equipment you used and is still working
  • Don’t waist crucial time collecting your personal belongings
  • Keep maximum attention and do not open any warm or hot doors in the event of a fire
  • Close but not lock any door and window you leave behind
  • Don’t use any kind of lift or elevator whatsoever

  • If you got trapped during an emergency situation, remain squatted (you’ll be able to protect yourself and breathe better)
  • Never leave the meeting point until the emergency has been completely solved: emergency staff will tell you about it




During the visit, any visitor should divide any waste generated among the different rubbish bins, distributed through the facilities:

  • Organic (brown): Food scraps, coffee sticks, coffee paper glasses, fruit waste, etc.
  • Packages (yellow): Cans, plastic wastes, plastic bottles, plastic film, aluminium foil, etc.
  • Paper and carton (blue): Paper and carton wastes.
  • Rest (grey): Any other kind of waste, disposal or rubbish.



  • Any visitor at Circontrol’s facilities commits to not diffuse or publish (himself or through a third person) any confidential information witnessed during its visit without a specific and explicit Circontrol written authorization.
  • Image and video recording through any kind of camera, mobile phones or any other mean are strictly forbidden unless the visitor has a specific and explicit Circontrol written authorization.