Intelligent Parking

This 5-storey underground car park is located in the centre of Paris, in the V district, on the left bank of the river Seine. It is the oldest quarter of the capital of France, very picturesque and lively, located near the Place Monge, the Panthéon, the famous Jardin des Plantes and the Grande Mosquée.

The owner of this car park, the City Council of Paris, completely renovated the facility to obtain maximum efficiency in mobility, lighting and energy saving. At the same time, the City Council sought to offer its users a more modern and comfortable car park.

Paris, France


  • 350 Parking Bays (front end sensor)
  • 8.4 kW LED regulated lighting system
  • Energy metre
  • Centralized Control Room
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Service
  • Special Features:

  • Parking guidance combined with LED lighting, regulated by schedule or occupancy
  • Low consumption lighting system, up to 85% saving (compared to fluorescent lighting)
  • Great lighting homogeneity, up to a coefficient of uniformity of 0.95
  • EMS for lighting consumption measurement
  • Electric vehicles charging stations User satisfaction using iPark DPGS Operational and maintenance cost savings