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M'sheireb Downtown Doha

Intelligent Parking

This development revives the old commercial heart of the city through a new architectural language that is based on community living, across a 31-hectare site. The mixed use development will comprise more than 100 buildings, with a combination of commercial and residential properties, retail, cultural and entertainment areas.
It also has a five-star car park that accommodates for up to 10,700 spaces, offering the best facilities and providing a first-class parking experience. Efficient car parking management systems are a crucial component as it maximises the company’s business potential by enhancing customer experience, visitor satisfaction, and promoting repeat business.
The Msheireb project blends traditional Qatari heritage and aesthetics with modern technology, and focuses on sustainability and harmony with the environment. The aim of the project is to bring people back to their roots – to make Doha unique and rediscover a sense of community and togetherness. This project can be summarised in one hrase: ‘rooted in the past while looking to the future’.

Doha, Qatar


  • 7,622 Guided Parking Bays
  • 866 VMS (Variable Message Signs)
  • 118 Gate Signs
  • Optic Fibre Network with 7 servers
  • Centralized control: each car park individually and the overall complex
  • Special Features:

  • Dynamic parking guidance system with RGB LED signs
  • Find your car
  • Full Integration between all the systems and City Centre Signage