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Led Lighting System Description

CIRCONTROL has the best LED lighting system, the LEDPARK, to be implemented in any car park. LEDPARK is a new lighting concept integrated with the Car Park Space Guidance Systems, which gives both financial and control benefits in facilities. It makes facilities more convenient and safer for users thanks to the even distribution of the lighting with a completely modular and scalable system to guarantee optimal lighting. Thanks to the special way in which the LEDPARK is installed, we can assure the long life of the LED technology and achieve the planned cost savings.

Applications & Benefits

Of our Led Lighting solutions


Less maintenance (up to 100.000h lifetime)


Up to 60-75% less energy consumption


Individual lighting management control


Reduced return of investment (ROI)


Fully integrated within the bay monitoring platform (structure and software)


“Clip&Clap installation” Infrastructure is cooling system

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