Wallbox eVolve Rapid

The most versatile DC charger solution


The eVolve Rapid was designed to approach the DC charging to small and private charging environments which has not access to large electrical infrastructures, (EV fleets, dealerships, bussines private parkings, car sharings…) improving their charge capacity to the EVs that have a higher battery capacity.

Concept Design

Joining the expertise of the AC urban environment accomplished through the eVolve series and the Quick DC charge through the Raption series, Circontrol introduce the eVolve Rapid series as a charge DC solution for the different indoor private access environments.

Designed to reduce times for larger battery electric vehicles from charging 38 km (7,4kW) or 57 km (11kW) to 130 km (25kW) in one hour with same footprint as an AC charger.


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