Raption 350 HPC

The solution for high-traffic areas and service stations




The power and performance of the Raption 350 HPC make it perfect for highly vehicle-dense areas, such as highways, EV charging stations, and vehicle-dominated urban areas. And thanks to its two connectors and high power, it offers extremely fast charging even when simultaneously charging two EVs, making it the best option for reducing queues and alleviating overcrowding at charging stations.

Concept design

The Raption 350 HPC provides a way to cut driver waiting time. Its stylish and robust design makes it easy to install at both industrial locations and other more sophisticated urban areas. Thanks to the split between electrical cabinet and pump, it is easier to access the charger when performing maintenance and repairs, and also allows more space for vehicles.

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LAUNCH EVENT: Quick multi-charge system (December 14th)
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