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eVolve Rapid Master-Satellite

The fastest multi-charging solution with minimal costs


The eVolve Rapid series is designed to adapt DC charging to a compact format, applying it to contexts where AC charging is insufficient, thereby improving charging speed and reducing the required investment. The master-satellite system, which can be combined with the entire eVolve (AC) and Raption (DC) range, also makes it ideal for all multi-point and multi-speed charging scenarios. It is available in two formats, depending on the installation: wallbox and post.

Concept Design

The worlds of AC and DC come together in the eVolve Rapid to maintain high charging power in the typical compact AC format, making it possible to supply 25 kW of DC power to all electric vehicles. The master-satellite system minimises the initial investment (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) in facilities with various chargers. In turn, this makes it simple to manage all satellite chargers through the master, both in terms of communication and the user interface: a solution that avoids loss of performance and reduces costs.


Download Datasheet Post eVolve Master-Satellite

Download Datasheet Wallbox eVolve Satellite

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