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Wallbox eHome & eHome Link

The best home charging quality affordable for everyone


Designed to be installed (both indoors and outdoors) at private homes, communal blocks, companies and other places where user authentication is not a requirement.


Concept Design

Taking into account that a domestic charger is often considered an appliance, an attractive design and a small size are key attributes to be addressed.

The Wallbox eHome series also offers other attributes such as low-cost, robustness, and user-friendly operation.


New eHome Link features

The new Wallbox eHome Link includes several extra features for an excellent and completely safe performance in home charging:

  • Meter invisibility: in the event of load failure due to overconsumption, it disconnects the charger from the mains and reconnects it again, allowing the domestic meter to recover and return to normal activity.
  • Surge detector: in the event of excessive electrical voltage, this detector disconnects the charger from the main network, thus protecting vehicle and charger at the same time. It also reconnects the charger automatically after the event.
  • Leakage current detector: it protects electric vehicle users from more than 6mA direct current, less comon than alternate current at electrical home networks.
  • RS485 Modbus communication: it allows to initiate and stop the EV load from an external device via RS485 Modbus communication.


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Compatible with Home BeON and Genion One


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