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The ultimate EV charger synchronised with your home

Would you like to charge your EV faster without the need for a costly installation upgrade?

Would you like to avoid any risk of power cuts when using appliances and charging the EV at the same time?

Would you like to have all this without a huge investment?


HOME BeON takes a new step in domestic EV charging allowing you to charge your vehicle while using your appliances.

This device measures and interprets the housing consumption, generates the corresponding signal and sends it to the charging station, which interprets and modifies its output current accordingly.

Home BeON uses the moments when the house is using less power to charge your EV, saving money and energy.



Compatible with eHome & eHome Link and eNext



How does it work?


Home BeON is a sensor that can be easily added to a fuse box to dynamically adjust the current supplied to the EV to the power available at any given time, thus avoiding overloading.

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