Raption 100

Up to 100 kW of power to charge 300 km in 30 minutes.

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Architecture with high-efficiency power modules to improve up-time and reduce operating costs.


Allows for power scalability of 50 kW or 100 kW, depending on the contracted power and the operator/owner’s needs.


Technology with a wide voltage range (from 200 to 920 V) for charging all types of vehicles, from new cars to heavy vehicles.


Dynamic load management and master configuration for multi-charge systems.


The 8-inch touchscreen, along with its extremely intuitive interface and other user-focused features such as courtesy lights and contactless payment, provides an enhanced user experience.



Perfect for public environments with reduced charging times.

This 100 kW fast charger is perfect for urban and intercity public charging, as well as fleets and other environments where EVs need to keep charging times to a minimum.

Flexibility, high efficiency, scalability, and an enhanced user experience all together in this future-proof station.

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