Genion One

The optimal solution for charging EVs at home with photovoltaic power

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Simultaneous management of two eHome Link home chargers.


Easy assembly and installation and compatibility with any inverter on the market.


The web app is easy to set up and allows the user to manage the device and monitor the energy flows in the home.



With 3 management modes depending on the user’s needs: EV charging with 100% green energy, with the lowest rates, or with the maximum available power.


Optimisation of the power available for EV charging when other appliances are in operation, avoiding overloading.

Make the most of your ECO potential

Integrating photovoltaic power generation with electric vehicle charging is key to making energy consumption as sustainable and efficient as possible. The Genion One has been designed to take full advantage of the economic and ecological potential of photovoltaic systems.

Just Green

Charge only using solar energy.

Smart Mix

Charge whenever you prefer regardless of the energy source.


Speed up charging by using 100% of the power available.

Perfect for charging at home together with eHome Link.

This device has been designed to optimise photovoltaic power in the home by linking it with electric vehicle charging. With up to three charging modes that can be activated as required, it is the perfect addition to the eHome Link.

One of its strong points is that it allows up to two electric chargers to be managed at the same time without having to worry about over-consumption, as it also balances the available power in the home when other electrical appliances are being used.

Make the most of your photovoltaic system with total peace of mind and contribute to the change.

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