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Commitment to ethical behaviour, human rights and the development of a sustainable society.


  • Ethical management of our daily business activities based on our corporate values.
  • Support and respect the protection of internationally recognised fundamental human rights and ensure that this commitment is also subscribed to by our suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Not allow forced or compulsory labour of workers or the hiring of under-age workers except in the case of legally authorised training agreements.
  • Promote real equality and non-discrimination of any employee on the grounds of race, social origin, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, trade union membership, political opinions or ideologies.
  • Guarantee the ethical behaviour of its employees, taking measures against discrimination, harassment, violence, corruption, extortion, bribery and other unethical practices, promoting integrity, honesty and fair treatment in accordance with the Code of Ethics established by the Group.
WEBINARIO: Impacto del Real Decreto 29/2021 y 184/2022 en el Parking (7 de Junio)
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