Car park charge


 The installation of EV charging stations in car parks will be more common every day, as many drivers will charge their cars while they are parked. In Europe, for example, some public regulations have been approved to require the installation of a minimum EV charging points in non-residential buildings with more than 20 parking bays from 2025. Besides, the installation of EV chargers will also offer a premium service to your customers.

One of the main challenges in this scenario is integrating EV charging points with the car park creating a comprehensive system. Circontrol has 16 years of experience designing solutions for Efficient Parking and 10 years of experience manufacturing EV charging stations. This allows us to offer a complete and integrated solution for car parks.

This integration will help, for example, improving traffic management inside of the car park with the indication and guidance to EV chargers and it can also detect intrusiveness or misuse of theses parking bays. This can be done by integrating EV chargers with CirPark’s Platform for the Efficient Parking.

In a carpark will also be necessary some kind of load management and monitoring solution to avoid blackouts due to grid overloading, reduce installation and operational costs, manage the charging more efficiently and monitor chargers remotely.


WB eNext

eNext series has been conceived to simplify the charging process. Its stylish design makes it the best choice for private homes, communal blocks, workplaces and car parks.

WB eVolve

Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports, petrol stations …) and private ones. 

eVolve Smart

Designed to be installed in both public and private environments where their intelligent capabilities offer a better user and operator experience.

Load Management

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) allows charging more EVs simultaneously in less time using the available power more efficiently and balancing the load among the EV chargers.

Usage Management

COSMOS is the platform designed by Circontrol to collect and store data from a specific set of EV chargers located in car parks, offices & communal blocks. 

CirPark Solutions for Efficient Parking

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