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The parking of the future: problems, challenges and solutions

Parking, smart cities and connected, autonomous and electric vehicles are very important for mobility in the cities Last April we celebrated VI Circontrol Mobility Expert Meeting in which we invited experts from the sector to talk about the present and the future of... read more

The electric car in Dakar 2017

Following Albert Bosch’s legacy, ACCIONA team participates in Dakar with an EV The Catalan pilot was the pioneer, now two years ago, running the Dakar on a 100% electric car. The project was carried out together with his partner Agustín Payá and by the hand of... read more

Electric Vehicle road trips

A few tips to travel ecologic and comfortably The idea of traveling long distances in electric cars that have to be recharged after only 70 or 80 miles may seem absurd to some. But while even the fastest of DC fast-charging isn’t quite as quick as refilling with... read more

Parkings and shopping centers, a challenge since the 50s

Shopping centers seem to be a very modern invention but, as almost everything that characterizes consumer society of the XXI century, has its roots in the United States of the 60’s. It was Victor Gruen, an architect from Viena who immigrated to America, who designed... read more

Clean-Energy creates more jobs than fossil-fuels

According to Bloomberg’s information, employment in clean-energy is blooming while it falters in fossil-fuel sector. In 2014 7,7 million people worked in renewable energy sector worldwide, and this figure raised to 8,1 million in 2015. It is estimated that if United... read more

Circontrol releases a new blog

In Circontrol we care about Mobility and eMobility working to make it more sustainable through efficient parking management and manufacturing solutions for electric vehicle charge and the management of more efficient car parks. We believe that technological innovation... read more